SPACE of the people, by the people, for the people
HASTIC (Hokkaido Aerospace Science and Technology Incubation Center) strives to realize the goal of going into space from Hokkaido, by utilizing locally developed ideas and technologies, by cooperating with organizations in and out of Hokkaido, by developing proprietary aerospace technology, and by working to improve the environment for aerospace business.

Supporting local aerospace research and making space business possible
HASTIC conducts work to put the versatile CAMUI hybrid rocket into use, it provides facilities for low-cost short-duration microgravity experiments with a drop-tower and rockets/space-planes, it conducts basic research into re-usable unmanned supersonic planes able to return from space missions, and conducts research into micro-sized satellites, as well as it promotes the propagation of information about the field of medicine as it applies to space medicine.

Promotion Activities
Hokkaido Aerospace Flight Center
HASTIC promote a plan to set up Hokkaido Aerospace Flight Center at Taiki in Hokkaido. The center is planned to consist of flight test facilities for R&D, runways for commercial suborbital flights, and flight training facilities.

Air Launch System
The development of air launching of the CAMUI type hybrid rocket is promoted in cooperation with Rocketplane Global Inc., USA.

Educational and social activities
・Education and promotion for personal training by lectures or seminars
・Active in regional or international relationships and cooperationnars
・Intelligence research and dispatch

Microgravity experiment services
Three-second drop experiment
The 50m drop tower at HASTIC Akabira Research Center in the yard of Uematsu Electric Co., located a one-hour drive from Sapporo, provides low-cost microgravity experiment opportunities for interested parties from all over the world. The gravity is about 10-3G, the payload dimensions are 500 mm diameter and 800 mm tall, and the overall weight of double capsule is 400 kg. Laboratory space for researchers and equipment for manufacturing experimental devices is available.

Three-minute microgravity experiment
Suborbital parabolic flight experiment service: HASTIC is the agent in Japan to support microgravity experiments with Rocketplane XP.

Hybrid rocket
CAMUI- 90P (for general use) , -250S (for research and education), and -400P (for meteorological observation and microgravity experiments)

indoor-scale low-gravity experimental equipment

Contact information
Hokkaido Aerospace Science and Technology Incubation Center(HASTIC)
Akai Mansion Hokudaimae 301, Kita 10 Nishi 4, Sapporo 001-0010, Japan
Tel: +81-11-398-5505    FAX: +81-11-398-5506